Ready to feel whole from the inside out?

Tona Rose, Exercise and Nutrition Educator, helps clients who are battling cancer or recovering from cancer feel whole from the inside out.


 How do I make it through treatment feeling strong?
How do I get back my strength & endurance?
Do I change my diet now that I have been diagnosed with cancer?
How do I learn what my new body is capable of without injury?


These are all valid questions when dealing with cancer. I can help you conquer these Questions and eliminate the fear of not knowing. I will put together a fitness program which will provide you with exactly what you need to meet your capabilities and goals. With me by your side, guiding you, we will work on your strength, endurance, balance and core. I will help you connect your mind to your new body. Together we will give you back your quality of life.

Feeling whole again is not only about moving the body, it is about how you fuel your body as well. Food is a key component to fighting disease, increasing energy, and overall feeling better. I will individualize a food plan specifically designed for your needs.

The plan will meet you right where you are now and take you to where you need to be for optimal health. It will unleash the “True You”.

I also offer several detoxification programs to remove toxins from your body to feel fully alive again. Removing the brain fog, food cravings, and sluggishness are just a few of the benefits of a detoxification program.